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released April 16, 2016

Shannon Bodrogi: vox/guitar
Jenna Marx: vox/guitar/bass
Rebecca Redman: vox/drums
Mai Oseto: vox/bass/guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Brownstein in Dec of 2015.

Album artwork by SOAR.

You can now order the 2nd Pressing of our tape with Lost Sound Tapes: lostsoundtapes.com/item/SOAR-Wilt-Cassette-Tape/458



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SOAR San Francisco, California

SOAR is Shannon, Jenna, Rebecca, and Mai.

Professional opening band.

Members of Joyride, Watercolor Paintings, Void Boys and Dreamspoiler.


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Track Name: Picnic on the Beach
grind the sand between my teeth//
yr like a picnic on the beach//
so nice in theory//
but i'm not so sure if this was a good idea//
climb the ladder to the roof//
we just want to see the moon//
but the buildings block our view//
and i'm not so sure if this was a good idea//
but i'm not so sure if this was a good idea//
[i'm not so sure, wouldn't it be nice if i were]//
Track Name: Corpse Flower
Your stale cigarette breath is choking me now. When did you start that? When did you start? You always told me that you hated it, said it reminds you of your father and how he split. Well USA Gold reminds me of mine. He's not really gone just not in my life. And I can't wait for the day when I won't be worried about what either of you say.

Your new tattoos aren't as bad as the unfinished one on your back. When did you get that? When did you get - all this furniture and a cat, said you couldn't get another till your sister got back. Now all your plants are brown and dead. Your green thumbs worth nothing if you aren't there.
Track Name: In the Bed
Blanket flower//
So popular//
The garden is dying//
And you just let her//
A warm situation//
Three years after which must be replaced//

Do not last long//
In the bed//

Shaded locations//
Only the double form//
When young it must be tied to no special requirements//

Only by division//
Slightly spreading habit//
This feature is a disadvantage//

Do not last.//
Track Name: Speak Write
can you recognize//
how only to remove//
the complex from meaningless//
takes too much time//
with rare accomplishments//
neglected skill not satisfied//
please come back//
we need people like//
appealingly replaced//
my tone helps you focus//
composing your biggest mistake//
so heavily overlook//
the rebelled information//
your brevity leaves empty//
please come back//
we need people like you//
parallel form developing//
terrific technique//
to remove the complex from meaningless//
Track Name: Deep Blue
Pull me out to//
Deep blue//
Where I can't see//
What's beneath me//
You give me nothing to believe//
You give me nothing//
When you give me anything//

I am an island//
You swam to me//
Wish you would leave//
Stuck in the ocean//
Currently confused//
Wish you would just follow through//
When you pull me down//
Too deep//
Track Name: Shade
Like a tree I cast my shade//
In your sun I cast my shade//
This glance is hard, I hope you feel it//

And when your wind blows my limbs quiver//

My shoulders strong//
My shadows tall//
The wind is cold//
And I am small//
My legs are strong//
I walk away//
The wind is cold//
And I am small//

And when your wind blows my limbs quiver//

But my roots are strong//
shade grows long//
Casting on you//
Features turn blue//

Like a tree I cast my shade//
Your wind is cold but I remain//