soft dial tone


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comfort 03:21
I’ve got to get out of this room, You invited me and I want to spend time with you. It’s been so long. Less dusk more dawn. Get out of comfort. Welcome to the dirt. I’ve got to get out of here. I made it, everything is ok, I don’t hate it and the exit is a stone's throw away. Feeling of walls closing in. It’s no ones fault it’s just the way it is. Get out of comfort. Welcome to the dirt. I’ve got to get out of here.
Corner of the room The softest thing to do I’ll leave you alone if you give me a reason to. Just leave without your coffee Gone without talking Cornered in a room is the only way to see you. You’ll wash your hands of me, don’t need you Corner of the room The only way to fool me Push me against the wall, I can see everything you see. Just leave with a soft pout Be the one who walks out Cornered in a room is the only way to feel me. So wash your hands when you are through Flat on my back like stepping stone and I’m skipping stones to prove There is no home There is no prize for coming home
just dirt 01:56
You hid behind a screen, And I felt your power over my whole body. Wholly obscene, Not worth a repeat So I deleted, but I still see it Words are just words Dirt is just dirt I really hope you eat it, Because I still see it.
lottery 02:44
We are made of water, let the salt come in. We’ll luck out if the lottery let’s you in. I know I’ve got a big love but sometimes when I am tired I let it sleep in. When my daughter comes home she does her own thing, talking on the phone and watching television. I’ve stopped trying to get her attention. Don’t mind me, the world’s still spinning and all these all these walls are shifting. I hear everything and it’s a shame because nobody is listening to me. Nobody is ever. We don’t even bother. It’s condescending. Pass it back and forth until we score one on our own team. When you leave then I'm alone and then I am lonely. Nobody is ever listening.
shark skin 04:19
When rubbed the wrong way, Shark skin against fingers. We have the same fight, But it’s subdued like filtered frequencies. I say I’m not sorry, When you aren’t either. You say I love you. Cobwebs grow between fingers. And I love you too. The weakness of being, And rubbing shark skin wrong every time. I’m sorry, I need beauty And an apology for a peace of mind. I’m rubbing shark skin wrong, even though I was told not to.
made of gold 02:06
Lazy we’d be Burn an effigy. Walk down the hill, Better count to three. For what we pass Don’t care what you guessed. Don’t know, better to ask. All over the days seem (daisies) So tired I've become Build a statue Put it in a bright room Paint it golden I feel golden.
dull look 02:39
Dull look in your eyes. Are you there? Or are you inside, Yourself again, spiraling — Yourself again, spiraling.
What a wild way for a porpoise to die. I tried my best to sleep through the night, But the reflection looked like hooded figures outside What a wild way for a porpoise to die. Rivers rushing in pipes above our heads. Lights and wires, burning buzzing, dusty air, nothing said Mind still full of what could happen I’m still here I’m still Do you always think of fire, Like I always think of fire? Do you always
ghost 02:58
Dogs are barking, you sleep. You’ll sleep through anything. Bigger than the full moon, you eat around the parts that bruise. I’m a guest in your house. I’m a ghost I know how not to be seen. I can hear the kettle sing when the water’s ready.You say whatever you’re thinking. Living in a world you hold inside your hands to shape it like a half moon. Experts know how. We just feel out these types of things. They come naturally when you’ve got a lot of practice like me. I’m a guest in your house. I’m a ghost I know how. I’m a guest in your house and I will guess which door will let me out.
long hair 02:14
I’ve been going through the motions Just trying to get by I’ve been growing out my hair To cut away all my ties To you To you Loneliness my old friend We wander the cities glow I’m not waiting for your flowers I plant seeds in my soul See through Your view I am enough to complete me You’re just empty genes I fill my emptiness with knowing I’ll heal the wounds from your loss
I wrote it down, in my diary How mad you made me, When seeds appear thinned out. I am a cloud, and a drought. You take up space, Paid for with each blossom. I know I can’t say, so a collection of drawings grows I am the gardener, and the weeds that I need to pull out. Sometimes I want to escape my body, Admire it from another garden. Sometime I want to escape my body, Admire it from another (garden). (Sometimes I want to escape my body, do you ever want to be nobody? Sometimes I want to, do you ever want to) I wrote it down, when seeds appear thinned out.


"Soft dial tone", SOAR's follow up to "dark / gold", finds the band in a moment of personal growth: a house plant moved from the dark corner of the room to a sunnier spot with some new soil; a consistent pattern of collaboration and friendship is established through the layering and highlighting of voices, instrumentation and ideas. Each member contributes at least one song to "soft dial tone". With these individual perspectives, there are common threads that connect each person in SOAR. The cultivation of positive outlets to examine and release the anxiety and depression felt from isolation and collective pain and processing. The empathy and existential distance felt in family relations and individual and group identities.
Sonically, "soft dial tone" is more subdued with finer clarity, more dynamics and moments of power bursting through surface tension. Experimenting with new instruments, textures, and volumes SOAR remains oblique and familiar.

At this moment of uncertainty with a feeling of fragile humanity, we wanted to share this album. In some ways incomplete, while also realized and whole. Nothing is perfect, everything hurts sometimes, and true harmony balances dissonance and unanimity.

Thanks for listening.


released April 7, 2020

SOAR is:
Shannon Bodrogi: vox/guitar
Jenna Marx: vox/guitar
Rebecca Redman: vox/drums
Mai Oseto: vox/bass

Soft Dial Tone was recorded at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco in March of 2019.

Engineered and produced by Sami Perez at Tiny Telephone
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden

Lost Sound Tapes release date TBA

Album art by Shannon Bodrogi and Rebecca Redman


all rights reserved



SOAR San Francisco, California

SOAR is Shannon, Jenna, Rebecca, and Mai.

Our new album "soft dial tone" will be released on tape by Lost Sound Tapes, date TBA

Somewhere between soft and hard, weaving a web of reflection, self-actualizations, friendship and power.
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